Maintence of Leather, Sueade, Hide and Furs

If you are unacquainted on how to care for your furs please allow me to enlighten you.Fur is simply leather with hair anchored in it and preserved (similar to  the hair on a humans body). Leather or Suede is simply the skin with the hair removed.

All animal hides and products will begin a process of natural deterioration from the day they are extracted therefore they are tanned and processed for preservation and then worked into finished made products like garments and accessories.

It is therefore absolutely VITAL that owners bring their fur, leather garments and accessories to us to be professionally treated and cleaned, ANNUALLY regardless of how often they are used.

Even if a fur garment is not used, it will still deteriorate month to month just hanging, our professional treatment preserves and maintains your Fur and leather pieces which in turn ensures the passing down from generation to generation.

Erich Fischer Furriers carry out the traditional hand cleaning and treating methods of cleaning Fur and leather combined with modern methods too, simply because it’s tried, tested and works and your garments are not simply treated as a number in a system but attended to individually by hand of a highly trained artisan.


Cleaning and treatment is VITAL to maintain against:

  • Any types of lurking moisture such as damp cupboards, coastal or inland moisture.
  • Excess dryness
  • Mothtypes
  • Dirt
  • Dust.


If you have not cleaned your Fur or oiled your leathers on an annual basis If you notice ANY hair fall out from your fur garment. DON’T IGNORE THIS.

Call or email us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION assessment at our store URGENTLY.

Alternatively we can make arrangements to visit you anywhere in the world.