Fox is the fur of volume, over pronounced statement and glamour. No other fur on the entire market can achieve this like fox, available in an array of unusual and amazing colours naturally and is also dyed to overstate its characteristics if needed. From fur trimmings as collars, cuffs and shoulder throws, to boleros tight under the chest or pulled into the waist line, “A” line for the larger client in jackets, car coats or full length draping at the heels, Fox is the show stopper and lime light fur.

Variety of Natural or Coloured options are available

Robert Fischer of Erich Fischer Furriers will take your breath away when he displays the colour collections and skin selections he has at his disposal which are pretty much unlimited, there is a colour in Fox for everybody it is then all in the final finish which will make his clients delighted for ever. Fox is priced in the higher end of the fur market and approximately USD 3000 to USD 30 000 (ZAR40 000 to ZAR400 000) for a stunning piece.