Mink has over the past century been the legend of furs and the most desired fur by almost all fur werarers the world over.

With a vast array of natural colours through the spectrum from white almost everything in-between to black, make this extremely durable medium length guard hairs and soft plush, dense under wool the choice of millions of fur owners.


Mink can be worked into any and every garment style or accessory.

At Erich Fischer Furriers, we will gladly meet with you for an obligation free quote to enlighten you about mink and then discuss your potential Mink garment. We offer the utmost top select quality in Mink skins and of course we will also gladly accommodate lower budget ranges. The aim is to make you, “your” most beautiful Mink garment in the world.

Regardless of whether it is your first or perhaps your latest purchased garment in your fur collection, if you don’t own mink your collection will never be whole.