Russian Sable

This is the absolute ultimate fur, for only a very select few people in the world.

If you have unlimited abundance to spend and want to exercise your freedom of owning the absolute  summit of luxury, then nothing on earth can come close to the most Richest feeling on Earth than wearing Russian sable fur.

Amusingly, owning a prize Russian Sable garment, cannot be simpler actually, you only require two initiatives to achieve this goal:

  • Approximately USD 300 000 to USD 2 000 000 ( ZAR 4 500 000 to ZAR 30 000 000)
  • Simply call Erich Fischer Furriers in Johannesburg Contact us

At Erich Fischer Furriers there is only one way we sell Russian sable very expensive and only the absolute best.

An appointment with Robert Fischer, is where it all starts and will prove to be well worth your while and obligation free. Robert will ensure that he goes to any ends of the earth to clothe you in your dream Russian Sable by personally traveling to where he has to personally select and ensure he sources the ultimate in Russian sable skins. With a very extensive knowledge of extremely high end customers, Robert will conceptualise, design procure the ultimate skins, manufacture and deliver you your ultimate dream piece. Guaranteed

We visit our clients almost anywhere in the world to discuss your ultimate piece and buying a handmade, to client’s specifications and skins personally selected by Robert Fischer himself cannot be achieved by purchasing off a rack.This is the ultimate experience in customer service in the fur industry, offered to any client anywhere in the world.