Flat, light, silky, sporty, classic, trendy, retro, odystic, futuristic, outdated, long, short, cape, stole, dress, skirts, hats what more can I say. Swakara is timeless and suits all generations and any style or size.

This fur is the skin of Namibian karakul sheep. It has characteristics that no other fur can offer. It is a flat, silky fur which is adaptive to any type of design and can easily be combined with any other fur, leather or cloth. Many years back it was typically heavy and quite boring. Meet with Robert Fischer and he will show you a complete different approach to Swakara that the modern wearer will be absolutely amazed with the end results in fact so much so that Swakara could be first choice over many other furs.

Swakara also offers the dazzling factor, every time one looks at a garment, it looks different and every time one looks at it again one’s eyes and imagination are forced to re adapt. Swakara is simply the most character rich fur on the planet.

Medium to quite highly priced from as little as approximately USD 3000 to USD 30 000,(ZAR 40 000 to ZAR 500 000)

Swakara is the on and off season, fur to own, extremely durable and although very elegant, it is a fur like all others that can be styled to dress down to visit your local super market or dress up to your gala dinners.
If you want to talk Swakara, then talk to Robert Fischer as his extremely enthusiastic knowledge of Swakara fur is hands on and very close to his heart as he was part of a Gold medal winning team in 1993 when he designed and made a Blue dyed, Swakara coat for his master company as an apprentice in the prestige international awards at the then Frankfurt Fur Fair. Robert also finished his final apprenticeship year with a top honours graduation score on practical, presenting a Black Watersilk Swakara piece for his final exams. Which later was sold by his master in Cologne, Germany.

“It is the ultimate combination between wearer and Furrier Robert Fischer to carry off Swakara.”