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Ladies Garments


“This world would be ‘nothin … nothing without a woman or a girl.”

The fur industry has always, very openly and loudly, elevated women’s empowerment and the promotion of gender equality. Since the start of time and through the centuries, the fur trade has always focused on offering its finest produce to serve the Ladies market. Probably more so than any other industry and so it is this way today and so it shall be even more so into the future.

Women, have since the start of time, protected themselves from the elements using genuine fur and hide. Women have and always will Love the characteristics and qualities that genuine fur offers. Fur inspires well-being, self-pride, self-determination, accomplishments and commands respect of “her” presence. She is pronounced, she is beautiful, she has an independent mindset and she knows what she wants. She Loves, wears and flaunts genuine Fur 

For the past 111 years Fischer Furs has produced the finest quality, stock and bespoke fur and leather designs for our ladies. The window of opportunity for Ladies to own genuine Fur today, is so wide open, that the youngest ladies are approximately 16 years of age and some of our eldest clients into their 90’s. and there’s every other age group in between.

Oh how, times have changed, today, Ladies do not buy Furs with the view of wearing them only on special occasions, in fact all most all fur wearers today want to own multiple fur styles to be worn casually and everyday occasion regardless if the garments price is entry level or in the millions.

Fur… worn dressed down or dressed up…. was…is… shall always be, the most talked about accessory and shall always ignite the WOW factor.

Contact Fischer Furs, and allow us (at no obligation at all), to take our ladies, on a unique experience they will not forget. Either visit us at our store in Rosebank, Johannesburg alternatively

Robert Fischer (owner) will even come out to you almost anywhere in the world

 *(additional costs apply for this service), to offer you the opportunity of owning the absolute best Fur of your dreams. We also offer VIP appointments by special request.




The fur trade is arguably the oldest trade in the world. Man first clothed himself against the elements using fur, hide and plant types. Man even used these to simplify carrying of personal belongings and then further covered his feet, hands and head.

If fur, hide and plant types ceased to exist, so would man..FACT

In the modern era, mens fur sales constitute approximately 30% in comparison to the ladies market. Leather and hide constitutes approximately 45%.

We at Erich Fischer Furriers will design and hand craft any and many Fur or leather products from the finest Absolute select quality skins into the ultimate finish for that “bespoke” man. From Cashmere and wool,suede and leather garments with soft light and very warm genuine fur zip out inners , to the most out there “in your face” full fur garments. Throws,carpets,curtains and all fur accessories to bean bags and finished for that home, man cave, holiday home, office or any very special place.

We offer all our, men regardless of size, colour or creed the Fury treasure they so desire and deserve, furthermore, our service offer, that Robert Fischer (owner), will personally visit you to almost anywhere in the world (*at additional costs) , to establish concept design to the final hand over of whatever the work may entail.

Alternatively, please visit me at my outlet in Rosebank, Johannesburg by appointment only.

After all……. WE ARE ALL MAN

Gender Neutral

FISCHER FURS, warmly welcomes all Fur Loving people to be part of our Fur experience.

We specialise and understand the needs of our Gender Neutral customers and would Love to discuss with you, your dream genuine FUR piece. Whether you prefer classical conservative styling, corporate boss type or way way out there, loud and wild and any size range of course,we do it all, regardless of size or preferred style, let us create you the fur piece you so desire and deserve, furthermore, our services offer, that Robert Fischer (owner), will personally visit you to almost anywhere in the world (*at additional costs),

To establish concept , design, manufacture, to the final hand over of that dream fur piece.

Alternatively, please visit me at my outlet in Rosebank, Johannesburg by appointment only.


Colourful Creations


– Black & white is a colour….

And then every other colour too….

Are you looking for uncomplicated monotone sophistication or two-tone luxury, perhaps bring out your best colour/s in a way you have never ever expressed before.

FISCHER FURS will hit that or those tones with our experience, knowhow and expertise, let us make YOUR COLOUR/S pronounce.

Let us make you Feel the expression of your unique and bespoke Fury creation.

Combination Creations


When it comes to combining various fur types, leather suede or cloth, there is absolutely no limit to the variation potential and countless combination ideas offered by genuine fur. Various furs mixed with other furs, furs mixed with leather, suede or cloth….the results are always “unbelievably desirable”.

For centuries, Furriers have been combining fur types to produce the most amazing effects.

With FISCHER FURS, constant advancements in the fur trade, for over 111 years, in ideas, technologies, designs and manufacturing techniques, we are one of the few “HAND MADE”

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